Accessories for Ring Shear Testers RST-01.01 and RST-01.pc

Generally, the Ring Shear Testers RST-01.01 and RST-01.pc are delivered with a shear cell and a software package, so that different types of tests can be performed with this equipment, e.g. flowability tests (yield locus tests), time consolidation tests (caking tests), compressibility tests and attrition tests. For special applications, e.g. for time consolidation tests conducted on several samples simultaneously, for wall friction tests, and for tests with very small powder samples we offer accessories as listed below.

Time consolidation bench

A time consolidation bench serves for the storage of shear cells, each filled with a presonsolidated bulk solid specimen. Therewith the storage of a bulk solid under stresses as occurring e.g. in a silo is simulated. For such a test, at first a specimen is consolidated in the ring shear tester, then the shear cell with the specimen is removed from the tester and placed in a time consolidation bench, where it is stored for a defined time period (e.g. one day or one week). The stress is exerted on the specimen through weight pieces (s. photograph below). After the consolidation period is over, the shear cell is sheared again with the ring shear tester in order to measure its strength. Thus, one obtains a quantitive result on the increase of strength during the consolidation time, which is known as "caking".  

In principle, the specimen also can be stored on the ring shear tester instead of the time consolidation bench, but in this case only one specimen at once can be investigated, and the ring shear tester cannot be used for other tests during the consolidation period.

The time consolidation bench type 1S-O (s. photograph to the left) serves for the storage of one shear cell type S (volume ca. 200 cm³). Storage with this time consolidation bench without cover is preferable, if the powder shall be stored in a climate chamber or at elevated temperature.

Zeitverfestigungsbank Typ 1S-O

Shear cells

The ring shear testers RST-01.01 and RST-01.pc are generally delivered with one shear cell type M. This shear cell has a wide range of application, especially if bulk solids with larger particles (e.g. granulates) have to be tested.

Shear cell type S is similar to shear cell type M, but its main dimensions (diameter, sepcimen height) are 60% of the corresponding dimensions of shear cell type M. Shear cell type S is advantageous if a lot of time consolidation tests have to be run, because the required amount of powder is smaller compared to shear cell type M, and the time consolidation bench is designed for three shear cells type S.

For tests in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries, where only limited amounts of powder are availabe, the shear cells type MV10 and SV10 have been developed. These shear cells correspond to shear cells type M and typ S, but the height of the specimen is limited to 10 mm. These cells are especially suited for the fine powders.

Overview on the shear cells available:

  • Type M (standard shear cell, cross-section ca. 220 cm2, specimen volume ca. 900 cm³),
  • Type MV10 esp. for pharmaceutical application (cross-section ca. 220 cm2, specimen volume ca. 220 cm³),
  • Type S (cross-section ca. 85 cm2, specimen volume ca. 200 cm³).
  • Type SV10 esp. for pharmaceutical application (cross-section ca. 85 cm2, specimen volume ca. 85 cm³).
  • Type XS especially to achieve large normal stresses (cross-section ca. 32 cm2, specimen volume ca. 48 cm³).

Standard: AlMg3 (aluminum), internal parts: 1.4301 (stainless steel).
Optional: 1.4305 (stainless steel), internal parts: 1.4301 (stainless steel).

Each shear cell constists of a bottom ring, a lid, and a loading beam for time consolidation measurements.

Wall friction cells

for the measurement of the wall friction angle or coefficient of wall friction (friction between a powder and a wall material). For the test, an annular wall material specimen must be placed in the shear cell.


  • Type WM (standard, approx. 240 cm³ sample volume, outer diameter of wall material coupon approx. 215 mm),
    Material: AlMg3 (aluminum)
  • Type WS (small, approx. 100 cm³ sample volume, outer diameter of wall material coupon approx. 134 mm).
    Werkstoff: AlMg3 (Aluminiumlegierung)

Each shear cell consists of a bottom ring, a lid and spacer disks for the adjustment of the vertical position of the wall material sample.

Weight pieces (also appropriate for most translational shear testers)

Weight pieces are used with the manually-operated tester RST-01.01 for the adjustment of the normal load acting on the bulk solid specimen. With the ring shear tester RST-01.01 a sufficient number of weight pieces is delivered.  

For time consolidation tests in combination with the time consolidation bench (see above) weight pieces are required for the adjustment of the consolidation load.

Available sizes:
2 kg, 1 kg, 0.5 kg, 0.2 kg, 0.1 kg.
Accuracy: min. +/- 1%
Dimensions: thickness 10 mm to 14 mm, dimensions depend on weight.
Material: nickel plated mild steel, stainless steel, or brass (dependent on weight and model).

Weight pieces available as set or separately.

Table for chart recorder for PC/laptop/notebook (RST-01.pc)

Supplementary equipment for ring shear tester RST-01.pc.

Table fixed at the housing of the ring shear tester.

Software for the evaluation of shear tests (also available for the translational shear tester)


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