Ring Shear Tester RST-XS.s

Our smallest automatic powder tester / flowability tester -
easy-to-operate - accurate - small specimen volume.


Slim and functional - the new Ring Shear Tester RST-XS.s is designed with industrial requirements in mind. It is the successor of the widely used Ring Shear Tester RST-XS (built since 2002), optimized for minimum space requirements (width only 320 mm, weight about 23 kg), but using the same shear cells as the RST-XS.

With a wide range of features, the Ring Shear Tester offers unprecedented functionality, precision and flexibility.

The RST-XS.s is an easy to operate, computer-controlled tester for the precise determination of the flow properties of fine-grained powders and bulk solids. It
is appropriate especially for those industries and research institutions, which deal with fine-grained materials, or which have only limited amounts of powders for testing, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and many others.

The tester measures not only the flowability, but also other physical quantities like the internal friction of a powder, the bulk density, the time consolidation (caking), and wall friction. It is the appropriate tester for your requirements concerning product characterization, quality control, comparative tests, process optimization, and more.

A new feature is the "Stress Walk" procedure, where with one specimen up to zen yield loci are measured in order to get a quick overview on the behaviour of the powder at different stress levels. E.g., the course of the flow function can be assessed this way. Further, the control software RST-CONTROL 95 provides the opportunity to measure the elasticity of soft powder samples (e.g., plastic chips, PE powder), and operator-controlled tests for specific purposes are possible.

The main difference between the RST-XS.s and our large Ring Shear Tester RST-01.pc is, besides the somewhat easier operation, the size of tester and shear cells: The standard shear cell requires a powder specimen of only about 30 ml, cells of other volumes are available (70 ml, 9 ml, smallest cell with specimen volume of about 3.5 ml). Thus, the tester is well-suited for application in Pharmaceutical Industry, where usually only small amounts of powders are available for testing. With a newly developed shear cell tests at very small stresses (normal stresses down to about 50 Pa) are possible.

Photo story: Please click here to learn more about the operation of a ring shear tester and the test procedure (photographs show predecessor RST-XS).

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