The computer-controlled
Ring Shear Tester RST-01.pc

... for the computer-controlled measurement of flow properties of powders and bulk solids (e.g. flowability, internal friction, time consolidation and caking, bulk density, attrition).

Suitable for measurements for product characterization and quality control, comparative tests, silo design.

The computer-controlled ring shear tester RST-01.pc of the RST-01 series bases on the ring shear tester RST-01.01 and is additionally equipped with the systems listed below:

  • System for computer-controlled adjustment of the normal stress. No weight pieces need to be handled by the operator!
  • Digitally controlled motor drive for shear cell rotation.
  • Inductive displacement transducer for the continuous measurement of the bulk density.
  • Amplifiers, A/D- and electronic components for communication to a PC.
  • Direct connection of the tester to a PC via RS-232 or USB. Special PC cards are not necessary.
Ring shear tester RST-01.pc

For the computer-controlled operation of the ring shear tester RST-01.pc, the new easy-to-operate software RST-CONTROL 95  (for Microsoft Windows*) has been developed. RST-CONTROL 95 contains the program RSV 95 , which serves for the detailed evaluation and the representation of the test results.

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RST-CONTROL 95 - The control software for Microsoft Windows* XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10*

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